Financial / Loan

Raising finance increasingly requires sophisticated expert knowledge. Parekh Consultants skills and experience can be particularly valuable. We have close relationships with lenders and the knowledge to make your financial needs run smoothly and cost-effectively.

We help clients clear the finance bottleneck by tapping on the unique synergies we harness from our 360-degree operations. Our relationships with financial institutions, banks, venture capital funds, real estate funds and HNIs enable us to pitch and attract finance for your plans.

We play a role that secures the best cost, terms and structure for the finance, ensuring it fits your business goals, project nature, cash flow scenarios and risk factors.

For most of us, building or purchasing a new home is the single largest investment we’ll ever make. Whether the purchase is your first home or your retirement dream, you can trust us. We offer a wide range of low-cost mortgage products, flexible terms to meet our members’ needs.

Our team is well equipped to guide and manage all your financial matters related to Accounts, Direct / Indirect Taxes and Fund requirements.